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Improvement of echocardiograph images through stabilizing ultrasound probes

Improvement of echocardiograph images through stabilizing ultrasound probes

EchoVice is an innovative technology company committed to revolutionizing the healthcare sector through our advanced solutions. We focus primarily on the development of cutting-edge medical equipment and software that not only provides better ergonomics for healthcare professionals, but also improves patient care in ways that were previously unattainable. Our vision is to create a healthcare industry that is more efficient, patient-centred and technologically advanced, and we work tirelessly to deliver products and solutions that make this vision a reality.

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Reduced operating time

The reduced operating time helps to reduce costs and the burden on the practising healthcare professional

Better ergonomics for the cardiologist

Better ergonomy helps to provide a more comfortable and efficient work experience for the cardiologist

Improved quality of ultrasound images

Stabilizes ultrasound probe during heart surgery, improves images

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New percutaneous tricuspid valve
therapies requires two consultant
cardiologist to perform peri-procedural
ultrasound at Rigshospitalet, a
stabilizing device could potentially
replace one cardiologist.

Jacob Eifer Møller

Consultant cardiologist, Rigshospitalet Professor, Odense Universitetshospital

It is important that the image is still, for
example when inserting a clip, so that you do
not see another part of the heart (...). It is
important that the probe is locked so that we
have the images we need when we insert the

Karsten Tange Veien

Chief doctor, Cardiac department OUH

If you had a device that could fixate the
ultrasound probe, you could free up one
hand and use it for the machine.

Nicolaj Ihlemann

Chief doctor, Bispebjerg hospital

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At EchoVice, we are an interdisciplinary team combining clinical knowledge and engineering expertise to improve the production of ultrasound images during heart surgery.

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