The clinical challenge

A hand to control the ultrasound machine where the images are generated

A hand to navigate the ultrasonic probe

A hand to hold the ultrasound sample down in the esophagus and work against the muscles of the esofagus

The problem of displacement of ultrasonic probes during echocardiography is well known to all cardiologists, but only rudimentary tools have sought to solve it. The challenge arises because during the surgery it is not possible to completely anesthetize the patient’s esophagus during anesthesia. The muscles in the esophagus will therefore automatically continue to work, which means that the ultrasound sample is in constant motion. This constant movement complicates both the acquisition of the images, as well as deteriorates their quality.

In practice, the cardiologist today is therefore forced to pause the procedure to reposition the sample when it has shifted, which is often several times during an operation. Therefore, the cardiologist in principle needs three hands, in order to solve the task adequately:

When the sample needs to be repositioned, the cardiologist is forced to take a bad working position, as it has a negative impact on the clinical, by creating stress and an unsatisfactory working environment. The many interruptions also lead to prolonged surgeries in which patients are in anesthesia for an unnecessary length of time, which is associated with more complications.

A solution with EchoVice

En fremstilling af en udviklet Echovice

Reduced operating time

Better ergonomics for the cardiologist

Improved quality of ultrasound images

EchoVice solves this challenge by acting as the cardiologist’s third hand during surgery, thereby preventing the deplacement of ultrasound samples during cardiac procedures and cardiological examinations. This minimizes the number of interruptions and improves the ergonomics of the cardiologist. The result is an improvement in the quality of the echocardiographic images, as well as better conditions for the patient and the cardiologist during surgery. Like the overall operating time and anesthesia time are shortened, which reduces the risks for the patient during the operation and limits the frustration of the staff.

EchoVice is the only device that allows ultrasonic probes to rotate around their own axis while they are fixed. This aspect of the equipment is being patented. In addition, EchoVice is the only solution that is controlled electronically, thereby allowing the cardiologist to use the equipment from his normal working position without having to interrupt his work.

This is achieved by placing EchoVice in the patient’s mouthpiece, where it prevents the propane from shifting during heart valve interventions and cardiological examinations. EchoVice holds the ultrasound sample in the desired position, while it can still be rotated freely by the cardiologist when necessary. The device is controlled from the ultrasound sample handle.

  • Modular construction

    This also allows for easy maintenance and upgrades, as faulty or outdated modules can be easily replaced or updated without affecting the operation of the entire system.

  • Simple & Intuitive Control

    The product is designed to be easy to use and without the need for complex instructions.

  • Fixes ultrasonic probe

    This ensures that the ultrasound sample remains stable throughout the procedure, which is crucial to obtaining clear and reliable ultrasonic images.

  • Allows rotation around the probe axis

    This gives the operator the flexibility to change the direction or angle of the probe while remaining in contact with the patient. This feature is valuable in medical imaging as it gives doctors and technicians control over the quality and content of the images by changing the direction of the probe to focus on specific areas of interest.

  • Customized patient mouthpiece

    This custom-made device ensures a comfortable and precise fit, which is essential for many medical procedures where precision and comfort are critical to patient safety and treatment outcomes.

The EchoVice journey

The beginning of a journey

Q1: Project Starting


Patents and Legates

Q1: DK patent applied. Preflight Odense startup

Q2: EchoVice Aps established. Legate from Møllers fond

Q3: Legat from Mikrolegat

Q4: Legat from Beta Health. Luggage from Alexander Foss' industrial foundation



Q2: Pre-clinical study. Safety study and stability

Q3: Danish patent



Q2: International patent



Q2: CE marking

Q3: Sales


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