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EchoVice is an interdisciplinary team where clinical knowledge and engineering expertise are combined. The team is composed of engineers Ajithan Christian and Jeppe Olesen, as well as doctor Kristian Bach Laursen. Common to all three is their personal interest in technology, health science, and innovation, which EchoVice is created and driven by.

Et billede af Echovic teamet. Bestående af Ajithan, Jeppe og Kristian

Our History

The journey with EchoVice began when Kristian Bach Laursen was a research student at the Cardiology Department at Odense University Hospital. Here, he participated in various heart-related studies, including ultrasound scans through the esophagus, in connection with procedures on insufficient heart valves. However, during the procedures, Kristian encountered a challenge that is quite familiar among cardiologists. The ultrasound probe constantly moves due to muscle activity in the esophagus, as well as movement from the heart and lungs. This creates significant frustration for the cardiologist, who often has to reposition the probe, causing irritation for the patient as the procedure is prolonged.

Kristian was curious to find a better solution, so he contacted the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark, describing the issue. There, he got in touch with Ajithan Christian and Jeppe Olesen, both studying engineering in health and welfare technology at SDU. They were about to embark on their bachelor project, using Kristian’s observations as a case. After Ajithan and Jeppe completed their studies, they, in collaboration with Kristian, chose to continue the development of the product.


This led to EchoVice, a device capable of stabilizing while allowing rotation of the ultrasound probe in the esophagus, thus serving as an additional hand for the cardiologist. This apparatus will not only assist cardiologists in conducting examinations and procedures more efficiently but also reduce the duration of operations, benefiting both the patient and the medical staff. 

New percutaneous tricuspid valve therapies requires two consultant cardiologist to perform peri-procedural ultrasound at Rigshospitalet, a stabilizing device could potentially replace one cardiologist.

Jacob Eifer møller

Professor, Dept. of Cardiology Odense University hospital, and Consultant cardiologist, dept. of Cardiology Rigshospitalet.

In 2022, EchoVice Aps was officially established with a focus on improving the ultrasound aspect of procedures involving insufficient heart valves through the groin. Along the way, EchoVice received grants from sources such as the Alexander Foss’ Industrifond and is currently a part of PreFlight Odense. Additionally, the company has just completed a program with Beta.Health and, in the summer of 2023, secured funding and support from Innovation Fund Denmark.

The team sees significant potential in expanding their technology to other types of surgeries and medical examinations in the future. With EchoVice, Kristian, Ajithan, and Jeppe have embarked on an exciting journey in the field of medical innovation, with a desire to make a positive difference for both patients and doctors.

The solution was patented in Denmark in 2023.


To promote technological development in the healthcare sector, thereby assisting the professional staff and improving patient pathways


To develop health-promoting technologies, where workflows and procedures may be challenging today. EchoVice collaborates with healthcare professionals to find technological solutions to current medical issues directly from the clinical everyday life.

The EchoVice Team

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Ajithan Christian


Electronics & production

  • Responsibility for electronics/programming, product development, regulatory processes, and administration.
  • Contact with regulatory professionals.
  • Works in the UngOdense maker and IT workshop, with expertise in 3D and development. Also teaches in robotics technology.
Et billede af Jeppe Olesen

Jeppe Olesen


Usability & design

  • Responsibility for design, concept development, and user interaction, including testing. 
  • Experience with health technology and interviewing users of both technologies and healthcare services.
  • Through Beyond Beta: Manufacturing Incubator, gained insights into equipment production.

Kristian Bach Laursen


Medical doctor
Research & Clinical management

  • Responsibility for clinical protocols and issues.
  • Affiliated with the Cardiology Department B, Odense University Hospital.
  • Serves as a researcher and advisor, actively participating in several research groups and laboratories.



Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu

SDU robotics, Health technology & AI. CTO in ROPCA

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At Echovice, we are an interdisciplinary team where clinical knowledge and engineering expertise are combined to improve the production of ultrasound images during heart surgeries.

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