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Who is EchoVice?

A comprehensive introduction to EchoVice, our vision and what we are dedicated to developing in the health sector.

Echovice takes the step further with PreFlight

EchoVice participated in PreFlight Odense, which gave them the opportunity for useful sparring about startups, and the chance to expand one’s network.


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EchoVice tager skridtet videre med PreFlight [Read more here]

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Fem innovative startups får legater fra Alexander Foss’ Industrifond [Read more here]

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Life science-startups får legater fra Alexander Foss’ Industrifond [Read more here]

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Undren i praksis førte til ny opfindelse [Read more here]

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At EchoVice, we are an interdisciplinary team combining clinical knowledge and engineering expertise to improve the production of ultrasound images during heart surgery.

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